Precautions for Customizing Wooden Cigar Boxes

1. Cigar box material selection: cedar wood or mahogany, is the world's best preservation cigar material;

2. Plate thickness: after selecting the material, we should select the thickness of the plate properly, customize the cigar box many novice cigar customers in order to save costs to use thin plate, wrong, plate if thin will lead to the deformation of the cigar box made, there is a gap after closing;

3. Painting: the outside of the cigar box can be injected, but the interior must be completely exposed cedar wood, can not spray any paint, so as to ensure that the cigar mellow will not be immersed in the taste of paint;

4. Cigar box regularity: any shape of cigar moisturizing box should be regular. It looks like one from any angle. The hinge should also be flat and not deformed.

5. Custom cigar box isolation air function: cigar box to have excellent sealing function, can ensure the humidity in the moisturizing box, the box cover of the moisturizing box should be like a good car door, close up deep, heavy.

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