1. The process is the preparation of sawn wood for cigar box. It refers to the processing of the wood of cigar box into products with certain section size by means of various saws and their auxiliary equipment.

The preparation process of sawn wood for cigar box is also called timber making, which is generally divided into three parts: supply of wood for cigar box, timber processing and acceptance and storage of finished wood. The specific process steps are as follows.

2. Processing equipment processing equipment can be divided into main process equipment, transportation equipment, auxiliary equipment and other process equipment. Among them, the main process equipment is used to directly process the wooden box logs into sawn timber of cigar box. According to the type of saw machine, it can be divided into band saw, circular saw, row saw, combined saw and chipping combined machine.

Preparation technology of sawn wood for cigar box_ cigar box manufacturer

(1) Band saw: band saw can be divided into cigar box log band saw and re cutting band saw. Cigar box log band saw is generally divided into vertical, horizontal and double band saw. Vertical band saw is used for general cigar box saws, horizontal band saw is used for precious tree species of cigar box saws, and double band saw is used for plate.

(2) Circular saw: according to the process, circular saws can be divided into cigar box log circular saw, re circular saw, edge cutting circular saw and cross-section circular saw. Cigar box log circular saw is generally used in the wood making workshop with circular saw as the main saw, and the current usage is less; the re cutting circular saw is the main saw, which is used to process the rough square, raw material and panel from the main saw; the edge cutting circular saw is used for cutting the edge of the board; the cross cutting circular saw is used for snow The cross section of sawn timber of eggplant box can be divided into mobile type and fixed type.

At present, a new type of double shaft circular saw is widely used, which does not need pre classification of cigar box logs, with high processing speed, strong processing ability and high surface accuracy.

(3) Row saw: the row saw is used to saw the wood of cigar box into square wood or plate. There are many kinds of row saw. According to the movement mode, it can be divided into vertical row saw and horizontal row saw. The horizontal row saw is only used for sawing hardwood and precious wood box wood or sawing cigar box log into thin plate.

(4) Combined saw: the utility of the combined saw is to concentrate the technological processes performed by the main sawing machines together. The common types are double band saw, multi link band saw, series band saw and box type combined band saw, etc.

(5) Chipping and sawing machine: This machine is mainly aimed at the processing of small-diameter cigar box logs. It has the characteristics of high output, high utilization rate of wood box wood and simplified process. The chipping and wood making machine can be divided into chipping saw and square chipping machine. The chipping and sawing machine can chip the veneer around the eggplant box log and cut the cigar box log longitudinally.

In addition, transport equipment is used to transport cigar box logs, sawn timber and processing residues. The commonly used transport equipment includes cigar box log drag in chain, kicker, transverse transport chain, barrel conveyor and belt conveyor.

The shaft auxiliary equipment is used to maintain the normal operation and use of the equipment. The common equipment includes the relevant equipment provided by the filing and sawing room and the machine repair workshop. Other process equipment serves the main processing equipment, such as cigar box log sorter, material selection machine, stacking machine, peeling machine, metal detector and photoelectric automatic detector for wood volume of original wooden box.

Preparation technology of sawn wood for cigar box_ cigar box manufacturer

3. Sawing method

There are many kinds of methods for processing cigar box logs into cigar box sawn timber, which are affected by processing equipment, log size, sawn timber size and other factors. This paper mainly introduces three sawing methods divided according to sawing sequence and production wood types.

(1) Four side sawing method; four side sawing method is one of the overturning sawing methods. This method is mainly used to produce square plates with full edge or the same width, or even number of continuous materials. The advantages of four side sawing method are that it has many sawn timber on the whole side of cigar box, which can effectively reduce the amount of edge cutting; it can cut out wide and long plates with good quality; it can reduce the large triangle sheet There are many times of turning, which affects the production efficiency.

(a) The sawing sequence is 180 inward, and the sawing sequence and turning angle of the four side sawing method.

(2) Three side sawing method; three side sawing method is also one of the overturning sawing methods. This method is mainly used for the production of cigar box board with rough edges. The advantages of the three side sawing method are that the turning times are relatively reduced; due to the large width of some blanks, the yield rate of the square timber of the cigar box is increased; it is convenient for the small band saw to see the cutting and remove the defects, but its disadvantage is that the triangular timber is relatively increased and the yield is reduced.

(3) Sawing of cigar box with rough board: the method of sawing cigar box with rough board is also called double side sawing method. This method can reduce the turnover times of cigar box log to one time. However, if the main sawing process is performed by a row saw machine, the cigar box log does not need to be turned over, and can be processed into rough edge board through the row saw machine at one time.

Preparation technology of sawn wood for cigar box_ cigar box manufacturer

The advantages of this method are that the process is simplified and the labor production efficiency is improved; the rough edge board specially used for the enterprise can cut off the furniture raw materials, and the timber yield is high; when the large band saw is used to cut the rough board with the same thickness, the process is simplified, and the mechanization and automation degree of the large band saw are improved. However, the disadvantage is that the cigar box log cannot be avoided or brushed off in the processing process Log defects, product quality is relatively low.