Solid wood box

    Solid wood box is not only an art, but also a perfect embodiment of commodity value. Especially in today's rapid development of knowledge economy and information science, national culture, regional culture, Chinese and Western culture blend and collide, Its close to the market, catering to the market, red wine packaging solid wood box to guide consumption, to meet people's material needs and spiritual enjoyment of commodity packaging as one of the multiple functions increasingly highlighted. For example, in solid wood packaging, such as wood tea, local products, bird's nest, red wine and other solid wood packaging products, solid wood box is suitable for gift products, a customized and eye-catching product with wood packaging solid wood box gift box

Solid wood box_ New Better

    The solid wood packing box has a thick primer layer and exquisite finish. The surface is crystal clear and transparent, with strong penetration. Second: the surface layer of piano paint is relatively brittle, so it should be carefully protected. Due to such difference, the brightness, compactness, especially the stability of piano paint are much higher than that of other paints. After several decades, the surface of piano paint is still as bright as new

    The ordinary brightness spray painting of solid wood box has long been oxidized and penetrated. In addition, in the production process of piano baking paint products, it must be dried for a long time, and the hardness of the finished products can be comparable to that of artificial marble; at the same time, because of the construction process of drying and physical treatment.

    The green requirements of solid wood box packaging for raw materials are also gradually high, and if we can really play a green environmental protection requirements and role? Whether it is paper packaging, iron box packaging or wood box packaging, are closely related to green environmental protection. Let's take a look at the following analysis: with the changing theme of the times, for one of the hottest topics in the 21st century, "environmental protection" accounts for 15% of the weight and 25% of the volume of urban solid waste in China. Based on this, the implementation of green packaging is the inevitable trend of the overall development of world packaging. Who first realizes this, who will be in the active position and invincible position in the future world packaging market competition.