Selection, design and manufacture of cedar wood box. Cedrus is a coniferous forest species. Due to the high forest coverage, all the trees are basically not pruned manually, which makes the natural growth traces left in the branches after processing. When it is processed into a wooden box, it can fully show the authenticity, simplicity and natural beauty of the material. Most of the cedar wood boxes are simple and generous in shape, full of smooth lines, and less carving techniques, which are environmentally friendly and healthy. Good cedar wood box after irregular maintenance, the general service life is longer.

Characteristics of cedar wood box_ New Better

Especially those who have been painted have a longer life. High quality cedar wood box will emit a unique smell of log. Some people may not be used to it at first, but this special smell is not harmful to human body, but also good for health. Disadvantages of cedar wood furniture: cedar wood box wood is soft, furniture is easy to crack deformation, high moisture content is also easy to cause cracking, so pay attention to moisture. The newly purchased cedar wood box has a special smell of cedar wood, which may not be used by some consumers; some cedar wood box manufacturers have repeatedly sprayed paint to cover up the knots of cedar, making the surface of the box thicker and losing the core value of cedar wood box pursuing its natural color.