Maintenance method of wooden box_ New Better

Wooden box packaging is not only beautiful and elegant, but also can be used many times. It is a kind of practical packaging. Because of its particularity, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance when using it

1. The wooden box should be protected from direct sunlight

Long time sunshine is easy to cause wood moisture to be sucked dry and crack, so attention should be paid when placing or installing wood products.

2. Wooden box should be away from heat source

In the cold winter, especially in the north, people will need to keep warm. When heating, try to keep the heating equipment away from the wood products for 1 meter to avoid long-time baking, which may lead to wood cracking, deformation and local deterioration of paint film.

3. Maintenance of wooden box surface

Now the general box surface will be coated with paint as a layer of protective film, usually called spray box, to protect the wood products, protect this layer of paint film is the primary work. It can be gently wiped with a dry and soft cotton cloth, cleaned with a dry wet cloth for a period of time, and can also be coated with a thin layer of polish wax.

4. Avoid using chemical solvents to remove stains on wooden boxes

Wood products are easy to stain because of their special performance. If there are stains on the surface of wood products, do not rub them vigorously. Do not pour chemicals on the surface of wooden products for convenience, and wipe them off. This not only damages the Polish, but also damages the box.

5. Wooden box to avoid humidity

It is easy to get wet indoors in summer, especially in the kitchen. At this time, we can use thin glue to separate the wood products from the ground.

6. The wooden box should not be scratched by hard objects

When cleaning or taking and putting things, do not let hard metal products scratch the wooden box.

Wood products are different from general solid wood boxes. They are suitable for shade and humidity, avoid drying and should not be exposed to the sun. The indoor air should be kept dry in spring, autumn and winter.