Over the years, some precious cedar cigar box art has been sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). The following five cedar cigar boxes, in ascending order, are the most expensive ever.

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2017 - cedar cigar box

The protagonist of the 2017 Habanos Festival dinner is dedicated to Montecristo, but it doesn't matter - that night, Cohiba stole the limelight. The huge cedar cigar box caught everyone's attention at the auction and triggered a fierce bidding war. Despite the unique design of the cedar wood cigar case, it may be that the cigars inside are more interesting: 580 Cohiba cigars, including 20 precious behike cigars (bhk52, bhk54 and bhk56), and 25 majestiosos 1966 anniversary cigars. The bidding war ended with the victory of investor Leander d'silva. Silva is from apero, a subsidiary of an investment company in Toronto. He won for 380000 euros, equivalent to $411000 today.

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The year of 2011

If you've been to the Havana cigar Festival dinner on February 26, 2011, you'll remember the auction that night, and the bids seemed conservative. None of the auctions exceeded 100000 euros, and one was not even sold. When the last lot was sent to the auction, everything changed. It's a curved Cohiba cedar cigar box, shaped like a stone tablet, four and a half feet high, inspired by rolled tobacco leaves. The auction price soared to hundreds of thousands as soon as Cohiba's auction was released. Fernandez of atadis in Spain finally bought the work for 450000 euro, which is now close to 487000 US dollars.

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1996 - President Kennedy's Cedar cigar box

"On the night of April 23 (Tuesday), I had no intention of spending $575000 at the auction of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's legacy. The only thing I know is that I want President John F. Kennedy's Cedar cigar box, which Milton Burley gave him on his inauguration day in 1961. " Marvin R. shanken wrote in the summer 1996 edition of cigar fans. When the bid was well over $100000, shanken started bidding. When the price soared to $250000, he and one of the bidders on the phone were left.

"When the $400000 bid was made, telephone bidders stopped for a long time," shanken wrote. I knew instinctively that we were at or near his limit. Then I heard the gavel thump down, and I took the piece

Located in the corporate meeting room of M. shanken communications in New York City, this cedar cigar box is a symbol of pride for one of the greatest cigar smokers of all time. "The cedar cigar box, and what it meant to cigar smokers who revered President John F. Kennedy, are now preserved," shancan wrote. Cigar lovers have now become guardians of an important symbol, a legacy of Kennedy's love for a delicate cigar. It's an honor. "

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2005 - Marvin's mysterious cedar cigar box the cigar aficionado's night to remember dinner has raised about $30 million for charities over the years. At these formal auctions, perhaps the most amazing auction was the one held in April 2005. The final item for auction is Marvin's mysterious cedar cigar box, a special cedar wood cigar box made by Elie Bleu humidor commissioned by Marvin R. shanken, which is inlaid with Cuban cigar eggplant labels.

This article has attracted the interest of some of the most famous dinner guests: Michael Jordan, Rush Limbaugh, and Sidney Frank (who called Lee einsteiner to help bid). The price went up until it reached $300000. The auctioneer was willing to bid, tripling the lot, one for each, and Michael Milken, the financier, matched it for a total of $1.8 million.

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2020 - all record breaking cedar cigar boxes

Few expect the auction of the Havana cigar festival in 2020 to attract record bids. After all, the coronavirus pandemic began to spread, scaring stock markets around the world and casting a shadow over the celebrations. But once the auction started, the record fell sharply. The last batch was a kosiba cedar box filled with custom-made Cuban cigars sold to Chinese businessman Ritter for 2.4 million euros (about $2.6 million).