wooden box packaging has many excellent features. Here are some examples:

(1) In order to identify the wooden box package, the product model, quantity, brand and the name of the manufacturer or retailer must be indicated. wooden box packaging can help warehouse managers find products accurately, and also help consumers find what they want.

(2) wooden box packaging promotes the sale of certain brands, especially in optional stores. In the store, wooden box packaging attracts the customer's attention and can turn his attention into interest.

(3) wooden box packaging can protect the items in the box from damage, such as leakage, waste, theft, loss, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration. During the period from the production to the use of the product, the protection measures are very important. If the wooden box cannot protect the goods inside, this kind of packing box is a failure.

wooden box packaging

Some people think that "every wooden box is a billboard with better durability. "Good packaging can improve the attractiveness of new products, and the value of the packaging box itself can also arouse consumers' motivation to buy a certain product.

In addition, increasing the attractiveness of wooden box packaging is cheaper than increasing the unit price of products.

The packing of wooden box has this function, and the function of wooden box packing in high-grade packing box is no less than that of ordinary packing box.

Many manufacturers of wooden box packaging in China start from the production of red wine wooden box packaging. The history of China's production of wooden box packaging is from the end of the 1980s. At the beginning, there were many storage boxes and export wooden box packaging, with many kinds and few quantities.

In the late 1990s, red wine wooden box packaging began to be produced. By 2010, the number reached the peak. Tea wooden box packaging has just started in Beijing in recent years.

Due to the limitation of wood raw materials, the wood materials used for wooden box packaging are relatively single, most of which are paulownia wood in China. In addition, there are camphor cedar, radial pine, white pine and few other wood materials.

The wood smell of Tung wood is light, which is just in line with the requirements of wood box packaging, especially tea wood box packaging, red wine wood box packaging, etc. it should not have peculiar smell, in addition, it is not easy to deform, and the cost is low.

wooden box packaging

Advantages of cedar wood box packaging:

The material selection, design and manufacture of cedar wood box packaging. Cedar belongs to coniferous forest. Due to the high forest coverage, all trees are basically not pruned manually, so that after processing into wood, the branches leave traces of natural growth.

When processed into wooden box packaging, it can fully show the authenticity, simple and natural beauty of materials.

Disadvantages of cedar furniture:

Cedar wood packaging wood is soft, furniture is easy to crack and deformation, high moisture content is also easy to lead to cracking, so pay attention to moisture-proof.

The newly purchased cedar wood box packaging has a special smell of cedar wood, which may not be used by some consumers;

In order to cover up the scar of cedar wood, some manufacturers of cedar wood box packaging used paint spraying for many times, which made the surface of the wood box packaging thicker and lost the core value of pursuing the natural color of the cedar wood box packaging.wooden box packagmg

Most of the cedar wood box packaging is simple and generous in shape, full and smooth in line, and the processing method of less carving is environmental friendly and healthy.

Good cedar wood box packaging after irregular maintenance, the general service life is longer. Especially the ones that have been painted have a longer life.

The high-quality cedar wood box packaging will give off a unique smell of logs. Some people may not be used to it at the beginning, but this special smell is not only harmless to human body, but also beneficial to health.