Color matching is an important factor in tea packaging design. Dark brown is a common color matching design style in the traditional tea packaging design scheme, which also conforms to the connotation of tea culture. However, in the era of Internet technology +, the average age of tea leaf consumers has changed, and the young people aged 20-32 have become the backbone of tea drinkers. In response to this objective fact, when choosing the color of tea product packaging, the design staff should not only consider the variety, grade and available place of tea, but also the day of tea drinkers To consider the requirements of tea drinkers of different ages and levels and bring them obvious visual impact. According to scientific research, green tea is suitable for warm color system, giving people a strong and honest feeling; oolong and Xiaoqing orange are suitable for dark color system, giving people a sense of calm and mellow; sea blue, light yellow and other relatively fresh light colors are suitable for flower tea and green tea; white peony tea is suitable for pink theme.

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The proper design scheme of the relevant figures

It is the personal experience of the application of traditional tea packaging graphic design that is the same, the same and the lack of lifelike. In the market competition of the same industry, there is no way to attract customers' attention and give people a fresh feeling. Therefore, the tea packaging design and brand marketing should fully consider the diversity and diversity of consumers, and correctly treat everyone's consumption. For example, Japanese animation primitives are selected to carry out re writing, to properly express the meticulous, sentimental and euphemistic aesthetic characteristics of national culture. In addition, abstract Japanese animation art schools are used wisely, with novel skills, vivid and interesting, and lifelike expression of tea inner letter.

Generally speaking, in the period of Internet technology +, tea product packaging design should not only inherit and carry forward the essence of Chinese traditional culture in China, but also develop and innovate, complete the humanization, stratification and diversification of tea packaging design scheme, and consider customer requirements, so as to shape the international corporate image of tea products in China.