According to local conditions, the development plan of the base shall be formulated scientifically. The construction of timber strategic reserve production base is closely related to the climate and woodland resources of all regions, as well as the financial resources and support of local governments. Therefore, all localities should, in accordance with local conditions, scientifically formulate the development plan of timber strategic reserve base, combine the construction of timber strategic reserve base with the construction of forestry industrialization, adjustment of agricultural industrial structure and poverty alleviation development, highlight the characteristics, clarify the key points, actively promote the development mode in line with the local reality, and achieve complementary advantages and common development.

    We should attach great importance to it and formulate and improve supporting policies. We will further improve subsidy policies for afforestation, forest management, improved tree species, and policy based forest insurance, and gradually establish and improve policy support mechanisms to promote the development of strategic timber reserve bases. We will increase efforts to win policy funds and strive to support Guangxi as the core reserve province of China's timber strategy. We will strengthen services in the promotion and application of new technologies and varieties, increase credit input from financial institutions, strengthen departmental coordination, and work together to build Guangxi into a national strategic core timber reserve base.

    Build a leading role and strive to innovate the development mechanism of the base. On the one hand, the introduction of domestic and foreign funds to build forest pulp paper integration, forest board integration projects. Efforts should be made to create a good environment conducive to the open and cooperative development of fast-growing forests and accelerate the coordinated development of Guangxi industrial raw material forest base. On the other hand, we will increase support for leading enterprises in forestry, establish R & D and promotion centers for deep processing of wood at the level of autonomous regions, and support leading enterprises in wood processing to carry out research and development of comprehensive utilization of wood and bamboo, and research and development of new products and technologies. In particular, we should pay attention to guiding the independent innovation of enterprises, cultivate a batch of brand enterprises and brand products with characteristics, improve the added value and market competitiveness of wood processing products, promote the development of raw material forest with industrial development, and form a development pattern of "industrial belt base, base protection enterprise".

    We will deepen reform and constantly stimulate the vitality of forestry development. Actively promote the reform of forest cutting management, establish and improve the management system and operation mechanism to adapt to the development orientation of raw material forest base. We will push forward the reform of forest right mortgage loans, establish an incentive mechanism for forest right mortgage loans, and mobilize the enthusiasm of financial institutions in granting loans to forest farmers. We will promote the construction of the forest insurance system and establish a risk monitoring and early warning mechanism for forest insurance. Promote the construction of forest rights trading market, and promote the legal, orderly and reasonable transfer of collective forest ownership and forest land use rights.

    We will continue to improve our service system. We will strengthen scientific and technological services, actively introduce and popularize improved tree species and advanced technologies, constantly improve the technical service system for base construction, and form a wood industry development mechanism integrating production, learning and research. Establish a seed supply service system for the coordinated development of forest seed production, seed storage and seedling breeding. We will improve the intermediary service agencies for the socialization of forestry, and provide convenient and applicable services for the operators, such as fast-growing and high-yield forest planting technology, resource asset evaluation, cutting area planning and design, timber inspection and guidance.